Homestead Journaling

Kathie over at Homespun Seasonal Living has some great ideas about keeping records on your homestead.

Here’s a nice little pep talk about living in a van and downsizing. Something to consider: the couple moved out of their riverfront apartment, so money was no issue for them. That might not be the same for most folks. This article did answer a question that I had about showers: buy a membership to a fitness club.


Link Roundup

As I do my research for building my homestead, I’d like to share the links for the great blogs and resources I am finding.

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Composting Toilets

No Running Water

Getting Your Finances Ready for Homesteading

Figure These Out Before You Start

20 More Links to Help Out

it’s ok if plans change

The winds have shifted our course a little bit, and this means I might be able to live out one of my most recent and important lifeĀ  plans: to build a tiny homestead and become as self-sufficient as possible! This includes meat animals, a garden with lots of variety, and dwarf fruit trees. Everything isn’t final yet, and I’m sure I am getting ahead of myself with planning this whole thing (that tends to be a habit of mine).

What I am Looking Forward To:

  • dwarf fruit trees
  • a root cellar
  • quails and rabbits for meat
  • possibly a pig for meat?
  • line-drying our clothes
  • a huge garden that rotates produce through the year
  • a hand-built fort for super awesome play time
  • a firepit
  • a relaxing a spiritual place for on-site spirit communication and scrying
  • rabbits and goats for fiber

I’d also like to have a set-up where I can offer fruits and veggies, crochet blankets, and the fiber from the animals. Come by and check out the animals before you take home their hair for all your crafty needs!

Keeping track of my activities the first year would be very important, from crop planting times to modifications to the property to recipes that I made using the food harvested. It would be a nice little book full of learning and knowledge for anyone else looking to start this life. Keeping it in a diary format would give it a lot of charm, I think. If I keep my handwriting legible I might be able to just copy the journal pages entirely.

Just random thoughts, maybe I needed to type it out to keep it together for myself. Also, I’m still having a big sale in my Etsy shop, 40% off everything (the link is at the top of the page).